Keith Kaplan

Keith Kaplan | Global CEO | Kinetic

In December of 2020, Kinetic welcomed Keith “Kappy” Kaplan as their new Global CEO. Keith is a highly skilled advisor, investor, and executive who has played a significant role in shaping the ad-tech industry for 20+ years. He helped build a global ad network at Adconion (now Amobee), led Global Client and Agency Development for Yahoo, and spearheaded global monetization for King Digital Entertainment, a division of Activision.

Kinetic is the world’s largest and most innovative Out-of-Home (OOH) media agency, helping brands communicate and connect with valuable audiences on the move. Using intelligence, technology, and creativity, Kinetic shapes OOH communication globally with innovative placement approaches that are interactive, social, and measurable. A global agency network within WPP, Kinetic has 22 offices in 13 countries and an operating network of affiliates worldwide serving hundreds of agencies and brands.

Kaplan’s leadership is paired with the promise to create the world’s largest OOH specialty business through innovation and outcomes. His plans for Kinetic are focused on the impact and potential of OOH throughout the entire marketing ecosystem. Kaplan’s aim is to continue growth and momentum in OOH globally, while evolving the industry around amazing strides in automation and digitization. He sees incredible opportunity in the current state of OOH as the world is changing. To him, OOH is currently primed for revolution, as consumers are eager to spend more time outside and experience life in the world around them.

Kaplan’s ambitions are driven by one belief: OOH has proven and will continue to prove its value for brands and their hard-to-reach, but loyal, curious, and engaging audiences across the world.